Miroslav Záhradník

Research & development worker
National Agricultural and Food Centre (NPPC)

Bilateral Meetings

  • Monday 15:00 - 17:00
DescriptionNational Agricultural and Food Centre (NPPC – Národné poľnohospodárske a potravinárske centrum) is a unique research organization under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the SK. Qualified research staff includes 150 senior scientists and altogether 250 research workers with tight connection to all stakeholders in the agrofood sector. NPPC is oriented towards comprehensive agricultural and food research, innovation and knowledge transfer, gathering of knowledge in the sustainable use and protection of natural resources: especially soil and water resources for crop production and animal husbandry, quality and safety, innovation and competitiveness of food and non-food products of agricultural origin, productive and non-productive impact of agriculture on the environment and rural development. NPPC comprises of 7 research institutes with labs and field experimental facilities oriented on plant and animal science, soil science, plant and animal production including bee production, agroecology, food science and technology and agricultural ecology. The NPPC is the only research and innovation organization dealing with strategic and applied research and knowledge transfer in agriculture and food in Slovakia. It was established on January 1st 2014 as a legal successor to all the research organizations operating in this field in Slovakia to December 31st 2013. The NPPC aims to contribute to quality of life by the introduction of innovative knowledge to sustainable agriculture, production of quality and safe food, production and utilisation of non-food biomass, and rural development.
Organization Type R&D institutions
Phone+421 376 546 371
CityLužianky, Hlohovecká 2 Google map
Areas of Activities

Smart and Innovative Precision Farming


    EkonMOD milk tool

    Slovak research institute oriented on food and agriculture provides the open platform – the decision support tool for dairy farm management, which helps farmers to improve the decision-making regarding the dynamics of the dairy herd structure and market volatility. The institute is looking for partners interested in the evaluation of feeding strategies, heifer replacement management and the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions of farms to cooperate with via commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement.

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Other
    2. License agreement
    3. Technical co-operation
    4. Outsourcing co-operation