Ivan Ambroš PhD

Centar kompetencija d.o.o. za istraživanje i razvoj

Bilateral Meetings

  • Monday 15:00 - 17:00
DescriptionAccording to the Law on Promotion of Entrepreneurial Infrastructure, Competence Centre Ltd. for research and development is a specialized business entity that conducts research projects of development or production character and develops competences in the field of bioeconomy and with which other business entities can contract research and development services. It focuses on development and applied research and their commercialization, and the support and strengthening of intellectual property within a specific thematic area of bioeconomy in line with the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Republic of Croatia 2016-2020. Mission: Sustainable development, environmental protection and increasing competitiveness through research, development and innovation projects.
Organization Type R&D institutions
CityVinkovci, Ohridska 17 Google map

Technology transfer - Bio-economy

We offer technology transfer services in the area of Bio-economy


Partners in RDI projects

We search for experienced research partners in RDI projects in the area of bio-economy.