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The PEWAS Company specializes in ecological, innovative, and efficient chemistry. We focus on the use of special absorbing polymers in new ways for clients in several sectors of industry, agriculture and transportation. PEWAS was established in 1992 in the heart of Europe, Slovakia.


PEWAS developed solutions ranging from an innovative use of special polymers to remove harmful by-products of petroleum accidents and natural disasters (floods and fires) to the application of these polymers in agriculture to absorb water in the soil, proving to be an efficient tool for farmers in extremely dry regions.


The flagship project of PEWAS company is a breakthrough seed coating technology Aquaholder® Seed applying super-absorbent polymers that can absorb up to 200-500 times more of water to their own weight and release it back to the seed roots in times of water scarcity. As a result, the roots of the seeds coated with Aquaholder® Seed technology have more water available during the first, critical growth phase resulting in strong germination and vigor with potentially higher yields.

Watch Aquaholder video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5lFd3J7Thg&feature=youtu.be

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Aquaholder® Seed - Disruptive technology addressing drought challenges in agriculture

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